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Page A melancholy disaster, about the same time, befell a body of one hundred and seven United States troops, under Capt. They were attacked by an overwhelming force of Indians, near the mouth of the Great Miami, and, although making a brave resistance, were compelled to retreat, with the loss of about fifty slain. Massacre of the Moravian or Christian Indians. As early as the year , the Moravian missionaries, Post and Heckewelder, established a mission among the Indians on the Tuscarawas. Before the close of the war of the revolution, they had three flourishing stations Or villages, viz: Shoenbrun, Gnadenhutten and Salem. These were respectively about five miles apart, and stood near fifty miles west of the site of Steubenville, Ohio. In the war, their position was eminently dangerous.

Monmouth Pottery/Western Stoneware Co.

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Find and save ideas about Antique cookie jars on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Vintage cookie jars, Jar cookie image and Cookie jars. Home decor Shawnee Pottery Antique cookie jars Vintage Pottery Vintage, an import company dating back to holds the license for some of the Pillsbury Doughboy Collection, as well as really cute.

Here’s what I found: Salt and pepper shakers in matched sets were first used in the nineteenth century. Collectors are primarily interested in figural examples made after World War I. Huggers are pairs of shakers that appear to embrace each other. There are a lot of shakers listed and prices, but it’s hard to figure out what set books are talking about when they don’t include pictures. This book included information about companies and manufacturers: Avon started in as the California Perfume Company.

It was not until that the name Avon was used.

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Mound C was used as the Sun Temple and charnel house for the Natchez elite. Between the 2 excavations, three burial shafts with a total of fourteen burials and more than five hundred grave goods were discovered. The first shaft, found by Moore, was 11 feet in depth and 13 by 8 feet in width and height. The other two, found in the excavations, were 19 feet 5. Many of the grave goods were exotic imports from such distant places from across the continent. First occupied as early as CE, the site was later developed and occupied more intensively by peoples of the South Appalachian Mississippian culture a regional variation of the Mississippian culture from to CE.

A professional archeological excavation revealed a total of 75 human burials, with artifacts that support dating of the site. A large number of male graves, of , were found buried under it. On the eastern edge of the site is a low circular mound which was used as a burial mound, as opposed to all other mounds at the site which were substructure platform mounds.

The mound contained a number of stone box graves and log lined tombs similar to those frequently found to the south in the Middle Cumberland Valley of Tennessee. Amongst the discoveries was a large stone effigy pipe in the shape of a kneeling man. The pipe is from a distinctive red stone in the same style as several statuettes from the Cahokia site in Collinsville, Illinois.

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It appears to be in original finish. It is such a plain design I wondered if it has any value. Your armchair in the arts and crafts style made in the early 20th century by the Stickley brothers is popular with collectors. I have had two steer horn chairs for over 20 years and they belong to my late grandfather.

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Click on photos to enlarge Rare burgundy Shawnee pottery diamond-shaped vintage flower planter Believed to be made by Shawnee, this is a very beautiful burgundy planter. Daimond-shaped with scalloped design. Shows that it was used and has slight water discoloration that will come off with a good washing. Came from and early estate collection. There is no maker’s name or mark on the bottom.

In very good pre-owned condition with only one very small chip to the un-glazed portion on bottom, see small gold star I placed for you to locate this on last photo. See pictures as they are part of the description. I cannot guess what the age is other than the estate was of older items. You will love this as part of your collection. This great cup and saucer shows a gold gilt rim and lettering.

More than likely made in Japan. This is a great collectible or given as a gift will bring smiles. Some very mild scratching to the oranges, see photos.

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Tip of a pencil sized fleck to the base edge. Good color and glaze. No chips, cracks, damage or repair of any kind. Bottom marked with Weller. Planter is 3″ tall and 6″ wide.

American Indian Articles Learn (In hundreds of Articles) how American Indians are often referred to as Native Americans as they were the first to inhabit North America.

Signatures and Numbers Hull trademarks were represented in different signatures, including stamped letters, incised, embossed and with stickers. Incised defined is cut into, engraved or carved made by cutting into with a sharp tool an example of a Hull incised piece. EXAMPLE Some patterns would have both incised and embossed signatures depending on the piece, as some pieces were borrowed from other patterns and new colors were added to match the new pattern.

Some patterns would have Hull with a capital H and other patterns would be hull with small letters. The name of Hull was not placed on all pieces although the more expensive pieces usually had Hull on them. Some patterns would have Hull, USA followed by a number or letter series mold number and size identification. Some were marked with numbers and some were unmarked. Hull used different foil labels at different times and for different lines. The Granada and Rosella patterns had their own foil labels.

In the 30s and 40s Hull used the foil labels on the lines that were not marked with incised or embossed labeling on the bottom. Even with signatures and markings on the bottom of Hull pieces they may be readable due to heavy layers of glaze over the incised marks and the embossed marked may be hard to read due to the use of old molds.

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If this item contains incorrect or inappropriate information please contact us here to flag it for review. The facial details are excellent. T are no chips, cracks, or flakes.

Native American Pottery It was then that nomadic Indians began to settle down. Native American pottery dates as far back as 2, years ago. It was then that nomadic Indians began to settle down. They learned to make Native American pottery that varied in shape. The shape was dependent on what purpose the pottery was to serve.

A black basalt slab with a decree of Ptolemy V in three different languages Greek, demotic and hieroglyphics. Discovered at Rosetta in by French soldiers June Total eclipse of the Moon. Gallus before battle Greek Conquest: Anicius Gallus conquers Epirus Battle of Pydna. Romans defeat the Greeks. Maccabeans revolt Maccabean revolt. Jerusalem recaptured and temple dedicated BC Pirates common in the Mediterrranean provided slaves to the Romans for the Italian plantations and no action was taken against them.

Baleares, Crete and Western Cilicia became pirates’ nests until Pompey defeated them and rose to power Greek Conquest:

Vintage Shawnee Planter – Oriental Girl Reading a Book – Shawnee Pottery

Nubian Pharaohs When the Egyptians pulled out of the Napata region, they left a lasting legacy that was merged with indigenous customs, forming the kingdom of Kush. Archaeologists have found several burials in the area that seem to belong to local leaders. The Kushites were buried there soon after the Egyptians decolonized the Nubian frontier.

Over images of the manufacturer’s different marks provide important dating references for the huge output of this prolific East Liverpool, Ohio, company. A history of the company places the Harker Pottery among other important American firms.

Eagle flies in the East to assist my Ancestors in bringing messages to me. East is MALE, and Men sit in this direction where stamina, logic, strength, physical protection thrive; where Warriors for peaceful purposes emerge in the fullness of their leadership skills. It is the place where thoughtful decisions and selfless acts are made for the greater good of all.

It is a time of action and positive accomplishment. I awaken to Spring which starts a new cycle of life and a new beginning. It is also the direction of the Beautiful Yellow People Asian for they originated in the eastern direction. The origination of humans is logical geography. Earth Female Elder Speaks: A sacred tree was planted – which represented the ‘Givers’: I let my spirit soar on the breath of warm winds and azure waters. YOUTH sit here for they represent new life and the wonder of learning new things as they look toward their endless horizons.

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These tribes grew corn and other crops and made pottery cooking vessels. Village tribes along the Missouri River used a bowl-shaped bullboat. They made it by stretching a buffalo hide over a wooden frame. It was too clumsy for water travel, but it could be used to ferry people and gear across a river. Each tribe knew where the buffalo should be from month to month and moved as necessary for convenience in hunting.

Colonial America COLONIAL MILITARIA: – BATTLE OF COWPENS, SC, a remnant of silver obviously from a casting, approximately 3 grams ["] found on the area of the Cowpens, South Carolina Battle of Cowpens, fought on January 17, , was an engagement between American Colonial forces under Brigadier General Daniel Morgan and British forces under Sir Banastre Tarleton, .

American Indians are often referred to as Native Americans as they were the first to inhabit the Americas. It is acclaimed that as long ago as 40, years ago, the Paleo Indians were living in our continent. Many Indian tribes were known for their fighting strategy and fierce warriors like the Apache and Comanche tribes. The Indians contributed many wonderful arts, crafts, fashion, and music that people of all kinds still love today. Many people visiting Indian craft shops leave with colorful Indian masks, headdress, paintings, and other beautiful works of art.

The Native American Indians are known for their stunning accessories such as necklaces, bracelets and belts often made of turquoise, garnets, and silver. Learn the significance of feathers in an Indian headdress and the name of the Indian tribe that was the basis for the tradition of Thanksgiving. Scroll down this page and notice the articles are seperated into specific categories, American Indian Topics, Products, Tribes and Native American.


Mound C was used as the Sun Temple and charnel house for the Natchez elite. Between the 2 excavations, three burial shafts with a total of fourteen burials and more than five hundred grave goods were discovered. The first shaft, found by Moore, was 11 feet in depth and 13 by 8 feet in width and height.

This is an old figural planter made by the Shawnee Pottery Co. of Ohio. It has a sweet, Oriental girl in a seated position, with a book propped in her : $

Evidence from Summer Digs Points to Shawnee Lookout as Oldest Continuously Occupied Site Evidence unearthed by UC students working this summer at Shawnee Lookout park builds the case in the strongest way yet for a direct connection between the Native American cultures of the ancient Hopewell and the modern Shawnee societies. Jessica Donovan The discoveries continue to surprise for a team of UC students digging in Shawnee Lookout Park, with a major new mound being located and a rare kiln used to fire pottery excavated in recent weeks, along with even more evidence emerging to support the theory that the site could be the largest continuously occupied hilltop Native American site in the United States.

UC students work this summer at the Shawnee Lookout site. The dating of recent evidence found argues for cultural continuity at the site, meaning the Hopewell who lived at Shawnee Lookout up to 2, years ago are showing direct links to the Shawnee people who were living on the site less than years ago. Much of the summer was devoted to excavating the remains of structures, dwellings about the size of a modern-day ranch house, says UC Assistant Professor of Anthropology Ken Tankersley, who oversaw work at the site this summer.

We found a number of mounds at other sites around the park. While it had always been thought that there were about 40 archaeological sites in Shawnee Lookout, it now looks like there are many, many more. The extent to which they may be present further supports the case for Shawnee Lookout being the largest continuously occupied hilltop settlement established by Native Americans. Fort Ancient, about 40 miles to the northeast, is comparable, but it presently lacks evidence of the cultural continuity found at Shawnee Lookout.

Work from last summer showed that Shawnee Lookout has evidence of earthworks on its perimeter that stretch up to six kilometers in length with numerous villages and mounds. One of the goals of the UC team is to continue to fill in the blanks as to the overall physical scope of sites at Shawnee Lookout. Another is to continue to uncover the answers to questions of how the site was used by different Native American bands and tribes.

It had already been established that the Hopewell and Fort Ancient were at the site in ancient times — and historically they were the society given credit for constructing the earthworks at Shawnee Lookout. It was also obviously known that the Shawnee and others were at the site more recently.

SOLD: Original 1942 Shawnee Smiley Pig Cookie Jar Vintage Pottery Cold Paint