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Sometimes it can be very difficult to see or realize that it is happening. We have all heard of “those offices” that get caught with Medicaid fraud or are doing substandard work. If you were an employee in an office that got caught and closed down because of doing unethical practices, would you be able to see it before it happened?

For example, a dentist will first examine a patient and explain any dental work called for based on accepted professional standards. After the consultation is completed, the dentist can say, “By the way, you may also be interested in cosmetic dentistry treatments my practice can offer.”.

In this section of the NCLEX-RN examination, you will be expected to demonstrate your knowledge and skills of legal rights and responsibilities in order to: Identify legal issues affecting the client e. Common law is law that results from previous legal decisions. They are based on legal precedent. Berman and Synder, Statutory Law: Statutory law is law that is passed by a legislative body such as the state’s legislature or the US Congress.

Berman and Synder, Constitutional Law: Constitutional law is law that is included in the Constitution of the United States of America and its amendments. Berman and Synder, Administrative Law: Administrative law is rules and regulations that are legally enacted to support some statutory law.

Direct-to-consumer advertising under fire

Disclaimer Direct-to-consumer advertising under fire Pharmaceutical companies that market medicines directly to consumers in the United States of America USA are under increasing pressure to rein in their inventive urges, while attempts to establish a bridgehead in Europe look doomed to failure. But it relied on the audience being unaware of several important facts: Welcome to the world of direct-to-consumer advertising. Direct-to-consumer advertising of drugs has been legal in the USA since , but only really took off in when the Food and Drug Administration FDA eased up on a rule obliging companies to offer a detailed list of side-effects in their infomercials long format television commercials.

The Oral Medicine dentist informs the patient that he suffers from AIDS and the patient goes into shock, making the dentist question whether informing the patient about the condition was beneficial or harmful.

If you are still using antiquated one-way communication methods like fax, e-fax, or your EMR to file referrals away and not communicate with other providers in real time, its time to change by using ReferralMD — an online referral management platform. Facing the problems with patient referral networks is the first step towards solving those problems and making the entire system a more effective platform for medical staff, patients and physicians alike.

To solve this problem, set the goals of this process with your patient before referring them to a specialist. The specialist will have feedback about the patient and the process, which is completely acceptable and important. This discussion about expectations must be set from the beginning to prevent any issues down the road. This is a huge problem for a referral network because the patient is the one who will quickly see the negative effects of guesswork when it comes to their well being.

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These two factors alone would be enough to place our health service under extreme pressure, but they are coupled with a third dynamic — a drive towards introducing a full-blown competitive market that will see NHS services put up for tender to any bidder, including those from the commercial sector. A new economic regulator, Monitor, will be tasked with enforcing competition and there is a fear that the commissioning decisions of local GPs maybe challenged. For example, a situation could arise where Monitor overrules a decision by local GPs to award a contract to a hospital, even if these doctors believe this NHS provider offers the best patient care, if not at the cheapest price.

Large commercial companies could potentially use their economic power to chase the most profitable and easy-to-run contracts while undercutting NHS providers and other groups on price.

At Coast Dental Tarpon Springs, we are committed to providing excellent customer service and quality dental care to every patient who visits our dentist in Tarpon Springs, Florida. We continue to enhance your experience through new services, office improvements, and .

Charcoal has a whole history attached to it for teeth whitening dating back to the Roman Empire. People have been using it for a very long time, however, it has gained such popularity very recently and it owes it to the social media platforms. Many new products have been introduced, some in powdered form while others in the form of toothpaste, that claim to whiten the teeth, however, it must be noted that if not used carefully such products can harm your teeth and gums and leave you in a worse condition than you were in before.

Over usage of charcoal, products can be one of the causes of such conditions. In this dental article, we dig in the details of activated charcoal and how it works in whitening the teeth. What is activated charcoal? If you are thinking of activated charcoal as the carbon you use for grilling the meat, drop that idea right now. It is not the carbon you use in barbecue; it is rather an activated form of carbon specifically treated to increase its absorbing properties.

It is processed to have smaller pores that increase the surface area for better absorption.

Informed Consent: A “New” Form of Medical Liability?

Cardiologist The heart and brain perform very different functions in the body, yet the blood vessels and nervous system form connections between them, allowing them to work in tandem. Any disconnection can be fatal. In the spiritual plane, the heart symbolizes your emotions, the brain your intellect.

The historical model for the physician-patient relationship involved patient dependence on the physician’s professional authority. Believing that the patient would benefit from the physician’s actions, a paternalistic model of care developed.

This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. The field of dentistry is a science that has all the components of education, from preventive and therapeutic to cosmetic domains. Ethical dilemmas and concerns will be part of the science of dentistry, as it has situations with varied ethical considerations and complexities. Say for example, during a routine oral diagnosis, an oral medicine specialist finds a patient husband with two children with a chronic painful tooth infection that needs to be referred to the Oral Surgery Department or to the Endodontist — what should he do?

Refer the patient to either one of them or go for laboratory investigations to rule out other causes of infection, including the acquired immune deficiency syndrome AIDS , before the referral? Here a consultant is required to take informed consent for undertaking a diagnostic test for AIDS. Respect for Autonomy 3 Once he decides to go for laboratory investigation and finds the patient to be AIDS positive what should he do with the patient and the referred consultant?

The Oral Medicine dentist informs the patient that he suffers from AIDS and the patient goes into shock, making the dentist question whether informing the patient about the condition was beneficial or harmful. Bring no harm to the patient is one ethical principle that will get violated if the revelation harms the patient, with a fragile mindset to cope with the finding, with psychological consequences. If the consultant is able to convince the patient about his AIDS presence — is it right or wrong on his part to warn the referred consultant about the status of the patient’s infection or not.

If yes, are we violating the privacy act that the patient is entitled to have, if he has requested the doctor not to reveal his illness? If the dental council insists that the consultant must be warned and shown the results of the patient before being operated or treated, then this rests on a thin edge of uncertainty bordering on the patient’s autonomy to the physician’s safety.

Once the consultant comes to know that the patient is having AIDS — if he declines the treatment — can we call it medical negligence or is the dentist right to refuse treatment on the basis of his individual human rights?

Four cases of transmission

Erotic transference at first feels like falling in love and has a euphoric quality, but my experience is that it has the potential to be quite emotionally damaging and lingering. For me, after nearly two years, there is still a deep longing, restlessness, and melancholy that will not subside. It’s described as torturous by some of the patients on this website and I think that pretty much sums it up. Also, it seems there are different forms of transference, and my experience is with the most serious — eroticized transference.

Doctors, dentists and lawyers dating their clients. Not telling a patient his true diagnosis because the physician didn’t know the details of the diagnosis. A dentist preforms unnecessary procedures on a patient in order to receive the insurance payment.

Civil law protects private information that is received on trust. The law can apply in a wide variety of situations. Occasionally, confidentiality may be broken if disclosure is in the public interest. Non-disclosure of HIV status could invalidate insurance or employment contracts, but will rarely have other legal consequences. Jump to Keeping information confidential If someone believes that their personal information is being unlawfully disclosed, they may be able to rely upon the civil law of confidentiality.

They may also be able to get a declaration from the court stating that the information is confidential see Remedies.

When Patients ask “Why is this SO Expensive?”